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Inflatable penetrable body pillow - Trixie by HentaiRed

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"Behold the Great and Horny Trixie!" If beholding her is not enough for you, then you can of course penetrate her as well and leave your magic inside her. This fun, penetrable pillow, featuring the unique and lewd Hentai-Pony-art style of HentaiRed, can be had with regular or super-sized boobs and with several SPH/ona-hole options.

HentaiRed inflatable body pillows are available with/without ona-hole/SPH, as rectangular daki-style or blimp-shape pillows in both standard (150 cm x 75 cm) or mega (200 cm x 100 cm) sizes. Additionally, you can choose between a standard finish on white vinyl or transparent vinyl (extra option).

 This product is made-to-order. Delivery may take between 6-12 weeks!

 Transparent finish with SPH/ona-hole is single sided only! Please specify which side you'd like to have! There is NO glossy finish option for this product!