Inflatable penetrable rough rider - Luna by Banbanji

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Do you like princesses that are tender and sweet, or ones that love a good hard rut, thrashing, and bodywriting to boot? Why not have one that can do both, with our exclusive write-on princess (markers not included!). She's ready to help you decompress anytime you want. 

This Luna print on vinyl inflatable "rough rider" body pillows is exclusively available through Horseplay Toys. The inflatable rectangular pillow or water-weighted bop-bag are each 150cm tall. 

The princess can also be had as a penetrable pillow with onahole. Two options exist: front side or rear side. Please select the options "Penetrate the princess - front" and "Penetrate the princess - rear" accordingly. This option is available only as a rectangular dakimakura pillow!

You can have the panels combined in any way you want (mix and match!). Just chose the "configure your princess" option and let us know by email!

 This item is made-to-order. The delivery time is approximately 6-12 weeks. Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US and the EU.

For questions or special requests, please email us.