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Inflatable Snow Leopard by Lizet

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Read this carefully if you plan to pre-order this item.

This is a project information page for a future PRE-ORDER item! 

More information on the pre-order process and date(s) will be published soon. Please also follow us on Twitter!

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The playful inflatable snow leopard by Lizet is 143 cm long and 115 cm tall to the tip of the tail. This is a huggable size for people of most sizes. The Lizet snep is made up of 6 air chambers - body, legs and tail. It is made of the same soft, white 0.4mm vinyl like the Dirty Bird orca and Praise the Sun/Worship the Moon ponies with digital printing, which is 99.9% robust for everyday use. The body seams are completely flat-welded with textured backing strips for a clean look and durability. The limbs are welded with robust pinch seams. The eyes have colour gradients; the remainder of the toy is printed in flat colours.

The photos are made with the final samples. Minor corrections may be applied to the pre-production model, though none will have an impact on the overall appearance.

Pre-orders are expected to upon once the delivery of the previous pre-orders is complete (ca. January 2022). production is scheduled for April 2022, with an estimated delivery in July/August 2022.

The price given is tentative and may increase due to the current global increases in transportation and material costs.


  1. Will this be a limited run? Of course. Every run is limited by the amount of money that's available. When they're gone, they're gone.
  2. Will I be able to pay in installments? Yes. Choose the Splitit option at checkout, when you pay by credit card.
  3. Will this toy be available with SPH mod? No.
  4. Do you ship to my place? I ship to anywhere where there is a postal system.
  5. Will the beachball be included? No, but we're working on offering a themed beachball in the same size (ca. 85cm diameter inflated) as pictured as an extra.
  6. Will this take as long as the whales and ponies for delivery? We hope to shorten the time frame bewteen the start of pre-orders and delivery, but in the current economic environment severe delays may occur without notice. We will try to keep you updated as best as we can.

Update version: 24 September 2021.

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