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Spring Lily - lewd inflatable pink unicorn

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If Edgy-corn is too edgy for you, then Spring Lily is the soft counterpart to Dirty Bird's gothic Night Fire. The two make a perfect pair. This big-eyed, glossy, pink beauty is 246 cm (97 inches) long and provides a nice contrast of pastel colours to the everyday rainbow unicorns...

This inflatable has been designed by Dirty Bird exclusively for Horseplay Inflatables. It features a new and improved mane attachment as well as quick-deflation valves on the main air chambers for easier set-up and deflation. It is made of extra-soft, pink vinyl (the same as used for the kangaroo). The lewd version is identical to the standard version, except for the SPH mod.

The lewd version is factory-fitted with an extra tight 6cm SPH with an extra air chamber to adjust the air pressure (identical to the one fitted on the glossy black Night Fire version in 2021, even if it looks slightly different on the photos).