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Night Fire - lewd inflatable gothic unicorn

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Night Fire is the badass Gothic unicorn for all those fed up with rainbow colours. Finished in a glossy wet look and with a flaming tattoo design, it will make sure you and it will stand out of the crowd of other everyday unicorns. With a length of 246 cm (97 inches) it will also suitably impress and intimidate any other inflatable unicorns...

This is the 2nd edition designed by Dirty Bird exclusively for Horseplay Inflatables. It features a new and improved mane attachment, some colour tweaks as well as a partial set of quick-deflation valves for easier set-up and deflation. 

For this lewd version you can choose between a "male" NSFW version, with an inflatable shlong designed by Dirty Bird - including the valve placement inviting blow jobs of a different kind and the SPH'ed version, consisting of a tight, pink tunnel. You can regulate the fit of the SPH via a separate air chamber.