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Inflatable Orca Whale by Dirty Bird

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Thar she blows! Inflatable orca whales will never be the same with this comfortable and squishy and decorative killer whale inspired by Dirty Bird's digital art. It has been sculpted to recreate the squishy form envisaged by the artist. To be lounged upon - and to be floated upon by the intrepid - thanks to an ingenious internal baffle construction that gives it its unique body shape and makes it stable on water and on the ground.

The whale float is 2.2 (7'4") long and 1.5m (5') tall to the top of the fluke. Large but compact enough to fit into most environments.

This is our first heavy-duty toy made of 0.4mm strong, extra soft vinyl. All body seams of this whale are flat/overlapping seams reinforced with a 2cm wide textured vinyl strip (as known from other "custom" inflatable toys).

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