Inflatable body pillow - Smoking Ponk by Forsaken 3d

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Experience maximum lewdness with this awesome pink pony slut as she puffs away on her cigarette while you inspect the ona-hole between her XXL butt cheeks. Added in-depth fun is available only in in the Fosaken 3d collection! This unique rendered design by Forsaken 3d is made exclusively for and by Horseplay Toys. It is ink-jet-printed with robust colours on a 150 x 75cm daki-style vinyl inflatable pillow (for easy cleaning). It can take the weight of an adult ... well, of most, at least.

(This print is also available in an "economy" version as a classic dakimakura!)

Limited edition: 30 pieces only!

 This is a pre-order item. The delivery time from the close of the pre-order at the end of July is approximately 8-12 weeks. Additional shipping/customs charges may apply outside the US/Canada and the European Union.

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