Sofi by AyGee - XL Dakimakura

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The premier mascot manufactured by F&F, Sofi is the friendly face of her company. This chipper, squeaky husky loves to meet new people. Whether at a photoshoot or lounging around, she'll greet new friends with a big smile and bouncy attitude! Sofi is available as a vinyl inflatable body pillow or as an XL fabric dakimakura exclusively by Horseplay Toys!

If you love big art, like to lounge around with your dakis or just simply need something bigger to fill your bed, then our extra-wide dakis are ideal! Made with the same high standard of printing and the same materials like the "classic" dakis, Art-N-Prints and Horseplay Toys collaborate to bring you exclusive 150 x 75cm XL dakimakura pillow covers made from Art-N-Prints' signature Natural Velvet, a nice, warm and fluffy minky-type material that still allows for clear printing and vibrant colours. Alternatively, our dakis are made of a 2-Way-Tricot Upgrade, an extremely high quality material similar to the Japanese A&J modified 2-way tricot - the highest grade of material you can get for dakimakura covers. It is finer than standard lycra but more robust and with exceptionally crisp printing.

All our dakimakura come with a two-year warranty for their printing and material (see our care instructions here).

Art-N-Prints and Horseplay Toys dakis are shipped directly from the manufacturer by express courier within two to four weeks of the order at a world-wide flat rate.

Attention sign Do you need a pillow to go with your daki? Check out our premium German-made extra-stuffed pillows - also available in XL format!

Attention sign The XL dakis can be combined with matching inflatable body pillows as a "dressed & undressed" combo.

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