Lizet cats pre-order delay

Lizet cats pre-order delay

The factory that was making our Lizet cats (pre-orders from October/November 2023) has closed down. We are investigating the exact situation but we are assuming that the production that had been started in December, then stopped in January (and was due to be completed in April) has been lost.

As we wrote in our previous blog post we were in the process of transferring our production away from this factory to a new one. It seems we left it a little long. Nevertheless, we will resume the production of the Lizet cats at the new factory. At this point it is difficult to anticipate the time frame for this but we hope to complete the new production and shipping for the pre-orders within 2024. We will keep you updated here, on social media, and by email. We are aware that we're not the only ones queuing up at that new manufacturer's doorstep with a sudden need for a production.

We are also confident that the new factory can provide a better quality than what you've been used to from our previous custom-grade toys. This includes soft-plug valves (which I know some of you have been yearning for) and as far as we are aware, a better quality control for the printing finish. We are also considering air cargo for the new production to our distribution centres in Florida and Germany to make up some of the time we will lose through this process.

We will honor every order that was placed, for whichever of the Lizet-cats. You'll get them.

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