Thanks for being along for the ride in 2019!

Thanks for being along for the ride in 2019!

An eventful 2019 is coming to an end. Looking back, a lot of stuff has happened and much of it would not have been possible without the help of many talented people who have turned my ideas into practice.... Hopefully I will be working with all - or most - again in 2020!

It is hard to to choose with whom to start for giving my thanks for being along for the ride... Perhaps with:

Arin, who keeps being a source of inspiration and often my last resort in all things artsy (in addition to designing a lot of my toys).

Taz, for single-handedly running the US side of things.


MrPuppyChow for making sure artsy stuff actually looks good with proper layout and graphic design.

For designing this (and next) year's inflatable toys: Dirty Bird, Stormblaze-Pegasus and A. Bunn.


An entirely new world opened up for me by AkaneNeon and @CH2_CHCl_n who introduced me to Japanese style inflatable body pillows (supported by Rykyo).


Myke_Greywolf being the first (and still most addictive) to draw a pony for those, closely followed by the prolific Fensu.
Other fun pony body pillow designs came from DanLi69 and Twiren (individually and in collabs) as well as from a collab from Danny and Hioshiru and, quite recently, from iloota.


I was lucky to "inherit" 10art1's daki designs collection, which also got me started on those ...


Overwhelming lewdness was ensured with the first "penetrable" pillow by Forsaken3d backed up nicely by a sweet & abused Luna by banbanji...not that the other art art isn't lewd. Just not that lewd...


Without visuals one might as well not exist on the internet. RubYourToy
(and their models) and Roman Gilz provided me with a lot moving and still pictures for my website and posts, themed as I needed them and, I hope, enjoyed by many.


Another "invisible" helper who joined me this year was Distended Polygon with his superb 3d modelling skills and James Newland who provided small but significant illustration support. Also, lurking in the shadows: @BestYeen who guided me through my first furry con this year and @fenrisulfr_wolf who backed me up at UK PonyCon.


Then there are a few who either wish nor to be named or not to be tagged. You know who you are. Thank you!


Finally, I'd like to thank my numerous followers and those who bought (and are still buying) inflatable animals, body pillows and dakis from me. Thank you for bearing with me, even when there were occasional hiccups, slip-ups or delays! I look forward to seeing you all in 2020!

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  • notname

    Congratulations on your products, although I have not yet been able to buy one, I follow the products that you manufacture and the material that you use that increasingly acquires much more quality, I must say that in the quality price you are one of the best, since your inflatables fit in sizes and sizes in the pockets of many buyers, soon I will be a future buyer I would also like to say that I ask a single question for one of their products and the response was very fast

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