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Inflatable Orca whale belly decoration by Erdbeer Joghurt

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This is what happens when digital art becomes traditional - and uses an inflatable toy as a canvas. 

Erdbeer Joghurt has been "tattooing" inflatable toys since 2012 with cute, lewd and fun anime, pony and Kemono designs.

This is a unique artwork by Erdbeer Joghurt made on the belly-side of a standard Intex inflatable orca whale. The work is executed with a black marker pen. Due to the nature of vinyl, this drawing is mostly, but not fully, "permanent", i.e. it should not be used in water; the painted surfaces should not be folded against each other or rubbed/touched excessively to avoid smudging/smearing. Other than that, the art is lasting. The whale toy used is new and was only inflated in order to execute the artwork on it.

The decorated whale is sold "as is". There is now warranty or refund/return under the shop's returns policy for this item.